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Public works in PL. Marquès de Camps

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Pl. Marquès de Camps

Tuesday 14 january from 8 to 17 hours

Dear users,
Girona City Council informs us that on Tuesday 14 January, between 8 and 17 hours will be cut the Marques de Camps square, the road that circulate at right of the square, from Barcelona.
The reason for the cut is the download and installation of new underground containers located at the height of the number 17.
The movement of buses will go straight towards Ronda Ferran Puig, turn round the Meadow, by Ronda Ferran Puig back and turn on the street Santa Eugenia.
Enable a temporary stop on the street Santa Eugenia No. 2-8 to replace Marquès de Camps square, 16.

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Sorry for the inconvenience
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