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Christmas parties - Olot Student Services (UAB and Barcelona)

Dear customers,

We inform you that Thursday 22 December will be the last day
that special services will be offered for students on the UAB-Olot line and the Barcelona-Olot line. Therefore, the following services will be affected:

• 2.15pm Bellaterra-Olot (by Amer) CIRCLE
• 2.15pm Bellaterra-Olot (via Banyoles) CIRCLE
• 8.30pm Barcelona-Olot (via Banyoles) CIRCLE

• 14:15h Bellaterra-Olot (by Amer) CANCELED
• 14:15h Bellaterra-Olot (via Banyoles) CANCELED
• 20:30 Barcelona-Olot (via Banyoles) CANCELED

• 20:30 Olot-Barcelona (by Amer) CANCELED
The service of all the lines mentioned will return to normal from Sunday 8 January with the resumption of the school year:
• 19:30 Olot-Bellaterra (by Amer) Sunday January 8
• 20:30 Olot-Barcelona (by Amer) Sunday January 8
• 06:30 Olot-Bellaterra (via Banyoles) Monday January 9
• 8.30pm Barcelona-Olot (via Banyoles) Friday 13 January

On the other hand, from the same day, January 8, the old route of the Bellaterra lines will resume, which made a stop at the marquees of Sciences - Biosciences, Eix central - FGC and Vila Sud, being cancelled. the stop of the Central Axis that was carried out until now.

Please excuse the inconvenience.

TEISA Group,

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