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Increased frequencies between Girona, Sarrià de Ter and Sant Julià de Ramis (L6 and L16)

We inform you that starting Monday, November 13, L6 will be reinforced with an extension of the hourly frequency and the new L16 will also come into operation. With these two new features, bus frequencies between Girona, Sarrià de Ter and Sant Julià de Ramis will be improved.

In fact, both L6 and L16 will depart every 15 minutes (from Monday to Friday on weekdays) as opposed to the current 30 minutes. That is, the frequency of passage of both lines will be only 7 and a half minutes between the two existing routes. And in the case of L6 it will pass through Pedret and Pont Major while L16 will circulate through the Josep Trueta Hospital.

L6 reinforcement:

The extension of the line will allow the first bus of the day to leave earlier (6:30 a.m.) and the last one to leave later (10:50 p.m.) than usual. In this way, the L6 will leave Av. de Francia N-2 in Sant Julià de Ramis at y 00, 15, 30 and 45 while from Vila-roja it will do so at y 04, 19, 34 and 49.

As for weekends, from Sant Julià de Ramis it will depart on and 00 and 30 (weekday Saturdays) and on and 29 (Sundays and holidays).

The departure from Vila-roja will take place on y 03 and 33 (working Saturdays) and on y 00 (Sundays and holidays).

Creation L16:

The new L16 will offer the first bus at 07:07 h and the last one will be at 22:53 h.

From Monday to Friday on weekdays, the buses will leave Sant Julià de Ramis at y 07, 22, 37 and 52 while from Av. Ramon Folch (Post Office) they will leave at y 12, 23, 42 and 53.

As for working Saturdays, the buses will leave Sant Julià at 00 and 30; and from the Post Office to 13 and 43.

Finally, it should be noted that on Sundays and holidays, L16 will not circulate. Instead, the L6 goes to Sant Julià de Ramis through the Josep Trueta Hospital, and in the direction of Vila-roja it goes through Pedret.

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