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Tariff integration Garrotxa

We inform you that the Girona ATM has announced the integration of La Garrotxa tariffs. This initiative will allow users to use different means of public transport with their subscription, which will significantly improve accessibility and mobility in the area. In addition, discounts and reduced rates will be established for frequent users.

This fare integration will mean a simplification of ticket sales and validation procedures, since it will allow the use of a single system for all public transport routes and services in the region.

In addition, this initiative will also have a positive impact on the sustainability of public transport in the region, since it is expected to reduce pollution and improve air quality. This is because, by promoting the use of public transport, the number of private vehicles on the roads will be reduced and, therefore, the emission of polluting gases will be reduced, since the number of users of public transport is expected to increase. .

Thank you very much for your help,
TEISA Group.

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